Mercedes  Maintenance Fleet Management Consulting Services:
Perform  Maintenance on Your Mercedes & Keep Repair Costs Way Down Fleet Maintenance & Mercedes Vehicle Service

The unexpected can happen any time and anyplace. But with Fleet Maintenance backing you up, you and your drivers will always breathe easy.


From routine service  to major warranty work, we’ll be there. We offer full service on your mercedes  vehicles, and always make sure they are serviced at a place and time convenient to you.We Offer services Whereby include;-

1)24hrs helpline- Competent assistance - all across Mumbai in India Economic and technological security –  One call is all it takes to have our 24-hour SERVICE help you quickly and unbureaucratically.

You can reach our hotline under 022-40239999

2)Parts Assistance services  - at reasonable costs So that you dont burn a hole in your pocket 

3)Yours Drivers Cant Dictate you ,(The main reason was this that we started our fleet Maintenance section was due to our existing customers complained their drivers were dictating over the Maintenance costs , since most of our  mercedes customers didn't have the time to visit the workshops & the drivers did the same & they had to do what the driver told them was necesary EVEN WHEN SOME THINGS ARE NOT REQUIRED ),so what we do here is guide you What is required , & what is Not , & at What Price it should be ? Didnt you think this was necesary to save your money So we Go to that extra step Once your estimate arrives we Do a thourough check on what is required & whats not , leaving the guesswork aside &  not leaving you at your drivers mercy

4)No yearly Contracts required

5)These Services are exclusively Crafted for our members ONLY

6)Doorstep Pick up & drop services

One of customers Just said Once"Buying a merc is easy  But maintaining it is a difiuclt task" & he thought That Mercs were "White elephants " before he was with us& that made us start this section & it inspired us to help people & make informed decisions 

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